Ever since the outbreak of Covid-19, the only thing that has remained constant in our everyday lives is uncertainty. Before the pandemic, PAKU hosted a weekly workshop session where PAKU Enthusiasts could participate to create their own bags. 

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However, since we are unable to carry on as such, PAKU has decided to create a syllabus that helps bring the workshop to you! Introducing the DIY Starter kits for three of PAKU’s most iconic looks: The Russian Roulette, LUNA bag, and the PAKU Organiser. Additionally, PAKU has also released a Wristlet DIY starter kit.


The Russian Roulette DIY kit is available in four colours of your choice: yellow, turquoise, pink, and white. Included in the kit are 12 pieces of rivets, a rivet presser, 2mm hole puncher, Russian Roulette template, a wristlet, PAKU key tag, and everything else you would need create the bag. It also worthy to note that if you would like to have the bag personalised for you, drop your name into the remark column upon your order from the PAKU website.
As for the LUNA bag DIY kit, it consists of roughly the same materials that the Russian Roulette kit has. Only difference is that the LUNA bag uses hooks and eyelets. The LUNA bag is available in three colours: nude, pink, and grey. As always, for personalisation, drop your name into the remark column upon your purchase.


The PAKU Organiser is a great way for you to keep your sunglasses, eyeliners, lipstick, et cetera. In the DIY Starter kit, the package includes two rivets, one hook, one, eyelet, a hole puncher, and eyelet opener, the Organizer template, and everything essential to create your own bag. This PAKU Organiser is available in three colours: clear, green, and black. To personalise your bag, remember to leave your name on the remark column on your checkout.

Lastly, we have the Wristlet DIY Starter Kit. This kit allows you to create three wristlets, which are available in the colours pink, yellow, and turquoise. Should you want to have it personalised, write your name on the remark column upon your order. This kit consists of three rivets, 3 hooks, a hole puncher, a rivet presser, and the wristlet template.

The pandemic may still be ongoing, and it may keep us locked into our homes indefinitely, but it does not mean that we cannot continue to learn something new. Creativity is a great way to trump on boredom and what better way to explore our creativity than to create something as cute and simple as these bags?